Virgin Islands Getaway - danielwheeler

Loblolly Bay, Anegada. On our last day of the trip, we decided to hop on a ferry and check out the most remote island in the BVI's...Anegada feels far removed from everything! With only 200 residents, you can definitely get away from it all here and find miles of untouched beach to enjoy. We met up with another really great couple (Eric and Elham) and spent the day checking out some of the beaches and bars together. Someone (no need to name names) got a little carried away with their drinks, but managed to get a few decent shots of the island somehow. This was one of them! The snorkeling off the shores is amazing...and as I later learned, the Horseshoe Reef (which you can see in this photo as the dark patches in the water) is the 4th largest reef system in the world. Hopefully Eric and Elham will forgive that idiot for going a little overboard on the painkillers!