Virgin Islands Getaway - danielwheeler

Seeing pictures of the "Baths" in various magazines and books is what drew me to the Virgin Islands. This is an incredibly unique area and one of the most interesting beaches we've ever visited. Huge granite boulders are spread across several miles of pristine, white sand beaches....the boulders create caves with "baths" that you can call your own for the day.

We stayed right near the Baths National Park, and made the short hike down to the beach every day we were in Virgin Gorda. This particular beach tends to get crowded during the day, but is empty for sunrise and sunset. Amazing to me that such a stunning place could be so empty during the best light!

I had to work for this picture...hiking "off piste" to get to this spot. It's a unique vantage point of the Baths...I haven't been able to find any other photos online similar to it. For that reason, it's one of my favorites from the trip. This is an incredible spot to say the least, and something that will hopefully remain protected by the National Park Trust for years to come.